Why did I choose Double Dragon? Why Double Dragon?

For starters, you first need to know that I was not seeking publication when my relationship started with Double Dragon Publishing.

As an unpublished author, I was seeking ways to have my work evaluated at the highest level. It was this that brought me to Double Dragon.

How I found them

In my search, I came across a call for submissions for an award called the Draco.

But just because it is an "award" is not enough. There are many awards, each having their own merits (or lack there of).

I was looking for something specific, a measuring stick that met two essential criteria:

  • The Bar: Something that would give my book the chance to be judged by the highest of standards (I wanted a YES or NO that I MAKE THE GRADE as a PROFESSIONAL AUTHOR)

  • Publisher: And, if possible, that would be from the publishing world (they're who offer the contracts!)
The Bar

The Draco immediately stood out to me as meeting my first criteria. Looking at the Authors Double Dragon had lined up for the finalist panel - well, there was just no doubt the stick was being held high.

Draco Judges

Piers Anthony

Mike Resnick

Mike Arnzen
This award winning cast of truly GREAT professional writers was far beyond what I expected to find in ANY contest.
The Publisher

But I also wanted to assure myself of the quality of the Publisher. My research had already shown me that independent publishers are now bringing more award-winning books to market than the mainstream publishers. But I had also discovered there are many independent publishers that are not that good - some that are even SCAMS.

Upon digging into Double Dragon's history, what I found was supportive and most IMPRESSIVE!

1 - Winner of the MyShelf Publishing Award, Aug 2002

2 - Best Performance by a Publisher, 2002 - Knowbetter


"Unless you were living under a rock in 2002, there's little doubt it was the year of the Dragon...Double Dragon Publishing, that is. This little-imprint-that-could shook up the publishing world with bestsellers such as Cousin Feely and The Sex Gates, was recommended for no less than five Bram Stoker Awards, racked up four nominations for the upcoming 2003 EPPIES and is the home of one of ebooks' most popular authors, Kate Saundby. Even Piers Anthony glows about this fire-breathing publisher. With sales stacking up at Fictionwise, books available in five popular formats, a catalog of unbelievable talent and Deron Douglas at the helm, look for DDP to be a majory literary force to be reckoned with in 2003. Note to other ebook pubs: you should probably be taking notes from these guys."

3 - Runner-up, Wooden Rocket Award for best ebook publisher, 2003

the prestigious award from
the most popular SF site in Europe (and the 3rd most popular in the world).

4 - The placing of 4 Eppie Nominations in 2003 and 6 for 2004

5 - This from Piers Anthony...

"...I have a very favorable report from one of their authors. I received a report from a writer who used this Survey to try several publishers, and in due course settled on this one, and is highly pleased. DD was quick to respond, accommodating about contract changes, and moved things along efficiently. All reports on this publisher have been favorable."

all in a market where there are too many wannabes and might have beens.

Criteria met!: Needless to say, this met my criteria - easily. So without further ado, I submitted Dangerous Dreams to the Draco.

What Happened Next

I got an email "Dear Terry, I'm afraid that you did not make the finals..."

Great, I threw myself to the lions and they have devoured me. Then a read a bit further,

"...judges recommendation I would like to offer you an eBook contract..."

That's interesting and encouraging. So I checked their website to see what else I could find. I found this.

"It was very difficult this time around...we had to rely on comments in order to decide who would make it to the finals. For this reason we will be [offering] a few of the exceptional entries.. an eBook contract."

Ok, that was interesting. I added it up:

  • Super high bar to cross

  • Award winning publisher

  • My book is "exceptional", here's a contract.
My response - OK!

This is the kind of company I want to be keeping and I am very proud to say,

"My book is published by Double Dragon Publishing!"